WhatsApp Plus Alternative YoWhatsApp

Today most of the users are using smartphones. And there are many apps available on the smartphone, some of them are useful and some of them are not. Today we are talking about the most important app which is known as WhatsApp by using WhatsApp one can easily share messages, photos, and videos to their friends and family. This app is a very useful app. But now we have a modified version of WhatsApp Plus which is known as YoWhatsApp.

In this app, there are many modified features available that are usually not found in regular WhatsApp. We can say that YoWhatsApp is a mod version of WhatsApp and it is very useful.


Anti Ban YoWhatsApp

If you are a user of modified apps then you have already used in many modified apps on your Android device. Then it is a possibility that you have already used a modified version of WhatsApp also. And if it is true then your WhatsApp has banned also.

Due to some complex, all the modified version of WhatsApp has been banned. But now you do not need to worry about YoWhatsApp. Because it is anti-Ban WhatsApp because it has a similar internal structure as WhatsApp has.

You can protect your YoWhatsApp the help of lock

You can set a lock on your YoWhatsApp. Which may be a pattern lock or pin lock the choice is yours. Most of the users do not want to any other entries in their WhatsApp. Also, that does not let any other entry on the device or apps and for that they install a lock app to protect all the apps available on the Android phone. But to protect YoWhatsApp you do not need any third-party lock app becauseĀ  YoWhatsApp provides you unlock facility on your device with the help of that you can protect your YoWhatsApp without having any trouble.