WhatsApp Plus APK 8.05 Latest App

WhatsApp Plus is an app which is used to have conversations with our friends and family. It  is a social media app. Today we all know about the WhatsApp with the help of WhatsApp Plus APK we can easily communicate with our friends and families and is mainly used for doing chatting without friends and family this is a very famous app and today everyone knows about it.

Download Old Version of WhatsApp Plus 8.05

Download WhatsApp Plus 8.05

But there is also a modified version of WhatsApp which allows you to do many more things and gives you much more facilities with the help of that you can do many things. It is updated or modified version of WhatsApp which is known as WhatsApp Plus.


This app provides you a look facility

This app has several facilities and we can use them according to our need and one of the best personalities of features that are available in this app is a lock feature. With the help of lock feature will be able to lock our WhatsApp app, in other words we will provide security for WhatsApp Plus.

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With the help of this feature we can protect our app with security of  pin lock or pattern lock. We can protect our app through the pin lock and we can also protect our app through the pattern lock.

This app provides you various types of themes

WhatsApp Plus provides you various types of themes that you can set on the background of your WhatsApp homepage and you can even set them on a background of your chat screen page. There are approximately more than 700 themes available on WhatsApp Plus. Most of the users are got tired observing the normal WhatsApp background theme which is a combination of white and green color.

If you are using a WhatsApp from years then you must have got bored from the regular theme that WhatsApp provides us in the background of WhatsApp and on the background of WhatsApp chat screen. But in WhatsApp Plus you are going to get various themes so you can change them according to your mood.