About Whatsappp Plus v8.9

WhatsApp Plus is a mod version of WhatsApp. Nowadays everyone wants to use a modified version of every app. That means nobody wants to use a regular or a normal app everyone wants some specific features available on the app they are using.

WhatsApp Plus is also one of the modified apps that are available on the internet. And because it is a modified app that mentions it also has some special facilities and features available with the help of than any user can do their work very easily, without having any problem. WhatsApp Plus is a very useful app and today everyone is using this app.

DND feature is also available here

In WhatsApp plus, there is a most beautiful picture which is known as DND Do Not Disturb. If you enable DND then all the messages will be blocked that means no one can message you and you also can not message to anyone.

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It is the same as you Turn off your internet connection. When you turn off your internet connection you will not be able to receive any message and also you cannot send any message to anyone DND also does the same thing but the difference between DND and offline is that you can disable WhatsApp while your internet connection is on. That means if you do not want to let anyone know that you are using the internet at the same time then you can disable the DND option on WhatsApp and by doing this you can betray friends.

Hide last seen

In WhatsApp plus you can also hide your last seen by doing this you can hide your status means no one will find that when you came online and when you not.

It is a very nice privacy feature available in WhatsApp Plus. Today many uses are suffering from a very similar problem and that is that do not want to let anyone know that at what time they are using WhatsApp. By using WhatsApp Plus you can easily get the solution of this problem by hiding your last seen.

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